GCEA - Substitute Teachers

Code: GCEA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 9/10/08
Original Code: 5510, 5530

It is the individual teacher’s obligation to notify the district’s substitute assignment system of the intended absence in advance of the absence and state the estimated length of absence.  The teacher shall notify the school office or Office of Human Resources of attendance status for the following day as specified by the district.

Neither the absent teacher nor the building principal may assign a substitute to fill an absent teacher’s position who is a relative or member of the absent teacher’s or principal’s household.

Substitute teachers will be made aware of school rules and regulations necessary in carrying out their temporary assignments. Substitute teachers will be paid an amount commensurate with the duties performed.  Pay will not be less than the minimum required by law.

Building principals shall regularly assess the performance of substitute teachers using feedback from staff, students and the returning teacher. These assessments shall be shared with the Office of Human Resources and other administrators, and may be used as a basis for future substitute assignments.

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