GCEC - Job Sharing

Code: GCEC
Adopted: 8/13/97; 7/13/22
Orig. Code: GCEC

Job sharing is defined as one teaching position voluntarily shared equally by two persons qualified to assume the responsibilities of that position. The Board determines that job sharing is an appropriate personnel practice and directs the superintendent to establish procedures for job sharing as an employment option, subject to the following conditions:

1. Responsibility for determining whether or not a job is to be shared will rest with the principal subject to approval by the superintendent and the Board;
2. Effectiveness and efficiency of the program must be the primary consideration on determining whether a job is to be shared;
3. The results of job sharing will not be detrimental to the district’s goals and philosophy;
4. The district’s overall cost of a job-share arrangement shall not exceed that of one full-time equivalency (1.0 FTE).


Legal Reference(s:)
ORS 332.107

Eugene Education Association v. Eugene School District 4J, Case Nos. UP-8-87 and UP-18-87, 9 PECBR 9391 (1987); rev’d, 91 Or. App. 78 (1988); vacated and remanded, 306 Or. 659 (1988).