GCEC-AR - Job Sharing Procedures

Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 1/24/17


The purpose of job sharing is to provide an alternate work style for teachers who do not desire full-time employment.


Job sharing is defined as one teaching position voluntarily shared equally by two persons qualified to assume the responsibilities of that position.  Teachers involved in the job-sharing program shall be afforded all rights and privileges granted to an individual teacher as per the current collective bargaining agreement except as noted below.


Any teacher interested in working in a job-sharing position should contact the Human Resources Department prior to March 15.  The approval, modification or rejection of job sharing is solely and completely at the discretion of the district administration.  Notification by the administration of approval or rejection of a proposal shall occur no later than May 1 for the following academic year.


Job sharing will be granted only on a half-day basis.  The job-sharing participants may switch the half day they teach at the end of the first semester if the building principal approves of the change.  The job-sharing position will terminate at the end of each school year.  Re-application must be made by April 1 if the two teachers choose to continue the job-sharing program.


The principal will develop teaching schedules, assign duties, provide preparation periods and conduct observations and evaluations as provided by district policy.  At the elementary school level, the principal and designated job-share teachers shall provide notice to the parents of the students assigned to the job-share classroom prior to the end of the current school year.  It will be the responsibility of the two teachers participating in the job-sharing position to divide their time to ensure that all expectations established by the principal are completed in an equitable manner.  In addition to dividing the normal teaching assignment between themselves, half-day attendance of both teachers shall be expected during those days noted as teacher planning days and teacher grading days on the approved district calendar and at building and district level staff meetings, unless exception is made by the principal.

Participation as a member of district curriculum committees will be determined at the local building level.  Compensation for all-day district curriculum committee work will result in the job-share teacher who serves on the committee receiving his/her regular half-day wage plus half-day substitute teacher pay.  The other job-share partner, shall have the opportunity to substitute at half-day substitute teacher pay.  Teachers involved in the job-sharing program will participate in parent-teacher conference and plan and attend open houses and other extracurricular activities and programs in which they are directly involved.

Each teacher will be responsible for grading, maintaining student attendance records and other recordkeeping as appropriate.  Both teachers will share responsibilities for student cumulative folders, inventory, classroom learning environment and other related tasks.  Job-sharing teachers shall confer at least weekly with respect to joint lesson planning.  Classroom standard for discipline shall be mutually agreed to and established.  Consistent student discipline practices will be expected and enforced by both teachers.  Parents will be contacted by the individual teacher as problems arise.  If it is a problem common to both teachers, a conference between the parents and both teachers will be arranged.  Both teachers will be present for the first and third quarter parent conferences.


Teachers participating in the job-sharing program will be placed on the salary schedule as per their experience and training.  Their salary will be one-half of this amount.  If the teacher chooses to continue in the job-sharing program for the following year, his/her salary would increase to the next step on the salary schedule and would become one-half of the amount of that step.  Teachers participating in the job-sharing program would receive their paychecks at the same time as would full-time teachers.

Fringe Benefits

All fringe benefits normally accrued by a full-time employee are to be equally divided between the two teachers participating in the job-sharing program.  Job-sharing teachers will share insurance benefits equivalent to that received by one full-time teacher, the division of that insurance to be negotiated by the teachers and approved by the district.  Exception to this may be in cases where one of the employees has other insurance coverage and the two teachers jointly agree that all insurance benefits are to be paid to one employee.  A second option relative to insurance would be if one or both teachers opted to receive full insurance benefits, the teacher(s) then would be responsible for paying the one-half difference to the district.  In no event shall the district be obligated to more cost as a result of job sharing than would be true for one full-time teacher’s cost.

All leaves normally accrued by a full-time employee are to be equally divided between the two participating in the job-sharing program.  In one option involving sick leave, personal leave, etc., one of the job-sharing teachers will substitute for the other and arrangements shall be worked out in advance of the absence, if possible, between the two teachers so that no loss of accrued leave occurs and students do not have to adjust to a substitute teacher.  In this option, one job-share teacher would substitute for the other and both would maintain annual coverage records with the results being that no financial compensation for substituting or loss of leave benefits would occur to either party.

A second option would exist if one member of the job-sharing team cannot cover for the other teacher.  In this case, it will be the responsibility of the teacher who will be absent to notify the principal and request a substitute teacher.  In such cases, the substitute would be paid the appropriate wage and the absent job-share teacher would have the amount of time away from the job deducted from his/her leave benefit.  If the absence is to exceed five consecutive work days, the job-share partner must decide either to work full time for his/her partner at his/her rate of pay pro-rated to the time in substitution or take option two as stated above.

Teaching Status

Teachers entering into a job-sharing agreement must first sign an acknowledgment of the loss of full-time status as a contract or probationary teacher on a voluntary basis.  By April 1 each teacher must declare if he/she wants to continue in the job-sharing program for the following school year.  If both teachers choose to continue in the program, it is understood that the employees shall suffer no loss of employment rights, including contract teacher status in effect prior to taking the shared position.  A teacher may return to full-time status by notifying the district in writing by March 15 of the year he/she wishes to return to full-time teaching.  The return will be to a position for which the teacher is qualified and is to begin with the fall term.  If one or both teachers choose not to continue in the job-sharing program for the following year, their seniority rights within the district will be in effect.  It should be noted, however, that each year that a teacher spends in the job-sharing program will be considered a full year for seniority purposes.  This agreement shall follow the reduction in force statement in the contract between the Roseburg Education Association and Douglas County School District No. 4.  No teacher in the district will be involuntarily transferred in order to create shared- time positions.  However, a one-half job-sharing position vacancy can be advertised within the district to advise employees of such a position vacancy.  Lastly, if either of the teachers is unable complete the school year, the other teacher may assume full-time teaching responsibilities for the remainder of the contract year.  All unused fringe benefits and leaves will be transferred to the remaining employee.  If either teacher is unable to start the school year, the job-sharing agreement may be terminated or another part-time teacher may be hired.  This decision will be made by the building principal in consultation with the superintendent.