GCK - Licensed Staff Workload

Code: GCK
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 5610

The administration shall be responsible for the equitable distribution of work among the licensed members of the staff.  Equality in the distribution of outside of school hour activities shall be the responsibility of the principal and in some instances it may be referred to the superintendent for adjudication.  The following factors shall be considered:

  1.  The desire to give teachers the type of load which will make them most effective as teachers;
  2.  The financial structure and economic position of the district to meet minimum load recommendations;
  3.  Adaption to the particular requirements of the field of instruction;
  4.  A fair distribution of out-of-class activities;
  5.  Consideration of preparation and correction time;
  6.  Adjustments may be used by special salary compensation for certain extra duties which require time over and above regular duties.

Employment policies shall require every teacher to carry out some extra responsibilities including supervision of students on or near the campus, attendance at staff meetings, serving on committees and participating in in-service training activities.  Although the successful and efficient operation of schools requires that teachers assume these and other responsibilities, every effort shall be made to ensure that the major role of the teacher shall be in the area of instruction.

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