GCL - Staff Development - Licensed

Code: GCL
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 1/12/00
Original Code: 5430

The Board recognizes the need to establish a continuing professional development (CPD) program for all licensed staff in order to enhance professional performance, promote achievement of high standards for all students and assist employees in meeting the licensure requirements of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). 

Employee Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plans shall be consistent with the district’s mission and goals, assist educators to meet the requirements of license renewal as identified in OAR Chapter 584, Division 090, and may contain such other provisions as deemed appropriate by the district.

Individual CPD Plans shall be developed collaboratively by the employee and his/her supervisor.  Activities shall have as their primary purpose increased student learning by enhancing the professional skills of the employee.  Such activities may relate to the individual’s current or potential future assignment as determined by the district.  Appropriate learning activities may include, but are not limited to, college courses, workshops, conferences, action research and district-sponsored professional cadres, peer or student-teacher mentoring and in-service.  Professional development activities sponsored or conducted by the district will be eligible for credit.  Activities sponsored by other agencies, universities or consultants may be eligible for credit as it applies to individual CPD plans.

Requests for release time for attendance at professional development activities may be approved as deemed appropriate by the district.  With the exception of tuition reimbursement received for completing graduate level courses, the district is under no financial obligation to fund professional development costs.

Meetings or conferences that are devoted primarily or exclusively to organization or business affairs of associations of educators, political workshops and like activities are not considered appropriate for CPD credit.

The Board directs the superintendent to develop administrative regulations and/or other related materials as may be necessary to implement this policy.  Regulations shall include CPD procedures, forms and practices that incorporate plans for the district’s improvement and individual building, grade level, student and employee needs and goals.

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