GCL-AR - Staff Development - Licensed

Code: GLC-AR
Adopted: 11/3/08 

All district staff contracted by the district in positions requiring TSPC licensure, excluding substitutes, will follow the procedures provided below for meeting continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

Board policy GCL, Staff Development - Licensed, this regulation and related district-issued materials are recognized as the district's Continuing Professional Development Program.

  1.  The district and each school site shall systematically identify instructional needs of students and relate those needs to the practices and CPD activities of the licensed staff.
  2.  Licensed employees shall maintain an active individual CPD Plan.  All licensed employees shall participate in the district's CPD program and use the district-approved forms.  Some licensed staff will be evaluated through the “Professional Growth” Option of the district evaluation system.  Staff involved in that alternative shall use a form designed and dedicated to the evaluation process.  That form shall also serve as the documentation for reporting CPD activities.  Modifications to the employee's Plan may be made at any time, after consultation with his/her supervisor, as provided by OAR 584­090-0010 through -0040.
    1.  Each Plan shall be designed to assist the employee to:
      1.  Achieve district, state and national standards;
      2.  Keep current with the development and use of best practices; and
      3.  Develop ways to enhance learning for a diverse student body.
    2.  Each Plan shall identify CPD activities and experiences that address one or more of the following professional growth domains:
      1.  Content of the subject matter or specialty area directly related to the employee's current assignment(s) or to responsibilities he/she reasonably expects to be assigned, or is assigned by the district;
      2.  Strategies for assessment of student performance in achieving school and district objectives and state content standards and interpretation and application of the results;
      3.  Methods for effective teaching, classroom management, counseling, supervision, leadership, and curriculum development;
      4.  Understanding of diversity in abilities, social and/or cultural background and use of such knowledge to promote achievement of high standards for all students;
      5.  Knowledge of state and national education priorities and the application of that knowledge to one's school and district programs;
      6.  Competence in the uses of technology in schools and the application of that knowledge to one's assignment.
    3.  Each Plan shall also include the following:
      1.  Identified goals/objectives to be achieved through the CPD Plan;
      2.  Proposed activities and experiences to meet the goals;
      3.  Resources that will be used to complete the Plan;
      4.  List of completed activities, related domain and number of professional development units of credit earned;
      5.  Employee's reflection on the completed Plan and its relationship to student learning and modifications of the employee's performance;
      6.  Signature of supervisor indicating review and approval of the proposed Plan and verification of Plan completion.
    1.  The employee's Plan shall be proposed and initiated at the beginning of the individual employee's new license renewal period.  Successive cycles of the Plan shall be annual and run concurrent to the evaluation cycle.  The final cycle shall conclude at the point at which the employee submits the completed approved Plan to the District Office as part of the license renewal process.
    2.  During the annual cycle, the Plan shall be reviewed by the employee and the supervisor during the pre-evaluation conference.  At this time, the employee and the supervisor will sign off on activities completed in the prior cycle, review any changes to the Plan and plan the upcoming cycle's activities.
  4.  Each Plan should propose to earn approximately 25 CPD units of credit annually.  Additional units of credit, however, may be earned when circumstances warrant.  CPD should directly relate to the immediate needs of the district, school site and individual.
  5.  If appropriate to the current Plan, up to 25 excess PDUs may be counted toward completion of the current Plan.
  6.  The district will attempt to offer as many professional growth activities as recognized needs warrant and resources permit.  The district recognizes, however, that there will be times and individuals for which units of credit will be earned outside the district and at no cost to the district.
  7.  Plans may be developed that totally utilize district professional growth activities and some outside district activities, or are totally completed in nondistrict sponsored activities.  All such Plans shall be proposed to the employee’s supervisor for review and approval.  Each employee’s Plan shall include a minimum of 80% of PDUs related directly to the individual’s professional goals as required by the district evaluation program.
  8.  Supervisors may delegate their responsibility as concerns an individual employee’ Plan to an advisor as provided by OAR 584-005-0005 (29).
  9.  The responsibility for completing a Plan and meeting licensure renewal requirements rests with the employee.  The employee shall provide documentation that the Plan has been completed and he/she has analyzed the results and applied the acquired knowledge and skills to improve student learning.
  10.  Acceptable CPD activities shall be those reviewed and approved by the employee's supervisor and for which evidence is submitted to verify completion.
  11.  The superintendent or his/her designee shall verify completion of the required Plan(s) and PDUs for renewal at the time the employee requests district verification of educational experience on the TSPC provided Professional Educational Experience Report (PEER) form.
    1.  As a service to the employee, the Professional Development Plan may be kept in the supervisor's working file until complete.  However, the employee remains solely responsible for retention, completion and submission of the Plan to the district office.  Therefore, the employee may choose to retain the Plan form.  In this case, an updated copy shall be retained by the supervisor during the life of the Plan.
    2.  Following Plan completion and submission to the district office, the completed form will be retained in the district personnel file until the license has lapsed.