IF - Curriculum Development

Code: IF
Adopted: 8/13/97 
Revised/Readopted: 8/10/22
Orig. Code: IF

The Board recognizes that to improve the quality of instructional programs and to respond to changing societal and community needs, it cannot permit the curriculum to remain static. The Board deems it essential that the district develop and implement an instructional management system which will modify curricula to meet changing needs, ensuring quality educational programs serving each individual student’s interests.

While the Board retains its full rights and responsibilities under the laws and regulations of the State of Oregon with regard to determining curriculum. It authorizes the administration to organize committees and other structures which would be responsive and representative to review the curriculum periodically, and to advise the Board on needed changes. Such committees and other structures will include staff, parents and members of the community as deemed appropriate by the district.

Decision making within the curriculum improvement process should be based on reliable data collected through a comprehensive assessment of needs. The assessment should include, but is not limited to, evaluation of student performance using appropriate measurement tools and procedures, surveys of parent perceptions and professional staff recommendations.


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