IGAC -Religion and Schools

Code: IGAC
Adopted: 3/2018
Re-adopted: 88/10/22
Original Code: IGAC

Religious education is the responsibility of the home and church and within the district’s schools shall remain the free choice of the individual, true to American heritage and the Constitution. The district recognizes that one of its educational goals should be to advance the student’s knowledge of the role of religion in the social, cultural and historical development of civilizations.

Teachers may provide information and opportunity for students to study the forms of various religions. It is proper for teachers to teach about religion as opposed to teaching sectarian beliefs, although study of the Bible and other sacred documents as literary forms may inform students concerning particular sectarian belief.

Teachers shall be permitted to teach or present to students information concerning religions and religious beliefs, but teachers shall not promote or inhibit, openly or covertly or by subtlety, a particular religion, religious belief or nonreligious belief.

Students and staff members may be excused from participating in programs or activities which are contrary to their religious beliefs without penalty.


Legal Reference(s)

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