IGAJ-AR - Driver Education

Adopted: 8/13/97 
Revised/Readopted: 8/10/22
Orig. Code: IGAJ-AR

The following procedures shall be used in implementing the district’s traffic safety education program.

Tuition Rate

Each year prior to the Board’s organization meeting, following July 1, the superintendent will provide the Board with data regarding the district’s traffic safety education program. The data shall include the number of available “slots”, the number of “slots” filled, the number of resident and non-resident students enrolled, the cost of the program, the amount of state reimbursement and other appropriate information. From this data, the superintendent will propose a tuition rate for Board adoption annually.

Nonresident Student Enrollment

Each August the superintendent will identify districts that might benefit from the district’s traffic safety education program.

The superintendent may send a letter inviting nonresident student application. Such application shall establish a “waiting list.” The waiting list shall be based upon a “first come, first served” basis. When the resident student enrollment is established, the waiting list will be activated.

All students participating in the district’s driver education program shall be subject to the district’s code of conduct, policies and regulations. Violation may result in disciplinary action to include denial in the driver education program.

Reduction or Waived Tuition

The district may waive or reduce the established fee for driver education.

Students who qualify for free or reduced price meals under the federal lunch program or students in situations in which the tuition is a severe hardship as determined by the district may be considered for tuition reduction or waiver.

Tuition waivers or reductions may result in:

  1. Accessing a fund set aside to assist needy students;
  2. Setting up a work program with the student;
  3. Setting up a “payment plan”;
  4. Other.