IGBBC - Talented and Gifted - Programs and Services**

Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 11/9/11, 5/27/20, 8/10/22

A district written plan will be developed for programs and services beyond those normally offered by the regular school program. All required written course statements shall identify the academic instructional programs and services to be provided which accommodate the assessed levels and accelerated rates of learning in identified talented and gifted students. The superintendent will remove any administrative barriers that may exist which restrict a student’s access to appropriate services and will develop program and service options. These options may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Early Entrance;
  2. Grade Skipping;
  3. Cluster Grouping in Regular Classes;
  4. Cross Grade Grouping;
  5. Compacted/Fast-Paced Curriculum;
  6. Advanced Placement Classes;
  7. Honors Classes;
  8. Independent Study;
  9. Credit by Examination;
  10. Concurrent Enrollment;
  11. Academic Competitions.

The Board has established an appeal process for a parent or guardian to utilize if they are dissatisfied with the programs and services recommended for their student that has been identified as talented and gifted, and wish to request reconsideration. The appeal process is identified in administrative regulation IGBBA-AR – Appeal Procedure for Talented and Gifted Student Identification and Placement.

The Board has established a complaint procedure to utilize if a person who resides in the district or a parent or guardian of a student attending school in the district has a complaint regarding the appropriateness of programs and services provided for a student identified as talented and gifted. This complaint procedure, IGBBC-AR – Complaints Regarding the Talented and Gifted Program, is available at the district’s administrative office and on the home page of the district’s website. The complainant may file an appeal to the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction under Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 581-002-0001 - 581-002-0023. The district shall provide a copy of these OARs upon request.


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