IGBG - Homebound Instruction

Code: IGBG
Adopted: 3/3/82
Re-adopted: 7130

A chronically ill student or student with disabilities including expectant mothers shall be eligible for home instruction under the following conditions:

  1. The student shall be enrolled in one of the Douglas County School District 4 schools;
  2. The student’s physical condition is such that the student has been or is expected to be out of school a minimum of 30 consecutive days or for several shorter periods of time because of a long-term illness;
  3. The student shall be examined by a physician licensed to practice medicine by the State Board of Examiners of Oregon and a report of the physician’s findings shall be transmitted to the director of special programs to assist in determining eligibility;
  4. Home instruction may be provided to expectant mothers immediately upon their absence from school when the physician deems it necessary but shall terminate upon reentry to school or 45 days after birth of the child unless continued upon extenuating circumstances.

The district interprets extenuating circumstances as medical complications resulting from the pregnancy or birth of the child. In this case, to assist the district in determining eligibility, a physician’s statement would be required to substantiate the existence of such a problem.


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