IGBHA - Alternative Educational Programs**

Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 9/28/98

The Board is dedicated to providing educational options for all students.  It is recognized there will be students in the district whose needs and interests are best served by participation in an alternative education program.

Private and public alternative education programs operated or contracted by the district will be approved by the Board annually.  The superintendent may provide for the involvement of staff, parents and the community in recommending alternative programs for Board approval.  Annual evaluation of alternative programs will be made in accordance with OAR 581-022-1350.

Alternative programs will consist of instruction or instruction combined with counseling.  These programs may be public or private.  Private alternative programs shall be registered with the Oregon Department of Education and will issue their own diploma.  Students who have been enrolled in an alternative program and want a Roseburg High School Diploma will need to be enrolled at Roseburg High School at the time they meet their graduation requirements.  Alternative programs must meet all the requirements set forth in ORS 336.631 and 336.637.

Students, upon parent request, may be placed in an alternative program if the district determines that the placement serves the student’s educational needs and interests.  Such placement must have the approval of the student’s resident district and, as appropriate, the attending district.  The district will also consider and propose alternative education programs for students prior to expulsion or leaving school as required by law.

The district shall pay the actual alternative program cost or an amount equal to 80 percent of the district’s estimated current year’s average per-student net operating expenditure, whichever is less.  The district will enter into a written contract with district-approved private alternative programs.

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