IGDB-AR - Student Publications (Grades K-8 only)

Adopted: 8/13/97
Revised/Reviewed: 8/10/22
Original Code: IGDB-AR

Student publications subject to review by school administrators include those which are:

  1. School-sponsored (supported by district funds, equipment, etc.);
  2. Part of the established curriculum;
  3. Of benefit primarily to those who compile, edit and publish them;
  4. Not by policy or practice, open for indiscriminate use by the general public or students individually or as a group; or
  5. Activities which students, parents and members of the public might reasonably perceive to bear the sanction or approval of the school district.

Student publications will be reviewed by staff advisors and may be reviewed by other district administrators prior to printing and distribution.  Materials may be modified or removed from publications for legitimate educational concerns.  Such concerns include:

  1. The material is or may be defamatory;
  2. The material is inappropriate based on the age, grade level and/or maturity of the reading audience;
  3. The material is poorly written, inadequately researched or biased or prejudiced;
  4. Whether there is an opportunity for a named individual or named individuals to make a response;
  5. Whether specific individuals may be identified even though the material does not use or give names; or
  6. The material is or may be otherwise generally disruptive to the school environment. Such disruption may occur, for example, if the material uses, advocates or condones the use of profane language or advocates or condones the commission of unlawful acts.

Modifications or removal of items may be appealed in writing to the superintendent. The superintendent shall schedule a meeting within three school days of receiving the written appeal. Those present at the meeting shall include the individual(s) making the appeal, the individual(s) who made the decision to modify or remove materials and the superintendent. At the superintendent’s discretion, the district’s legal counsel may also attend the meeting. The superintendent shall make his/her decision within three school days of the meeting. The superintendent’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties.