IGDJ-AR - Interscholastic Athletics

Adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: Development Sport document

In an effort to differentiate between “league sports” at the high school level that are designated SOC sports and “development sports” that are parallel, sanctioned athletic opportunities with the potential to become league sports, the following chart is provided.  Groups or individuals may propose development sports as they are created.  At any time that representatives of a development sport wish to have their sport recognized as a league sport, a letter of application should be submitted to the Athletic Director (AD).  The AD, in concert with the principal, will determine whether the sport qualifies as described below, at which time the development sport will be designated as having “league” status and will be afforded all the benefits and be subject to all requirements of league sports.



League Sports

Development Sports


  • Requires that 50 percent or more of the 4A schools participate in a given sport.
  • Requires that there is a minimum of 7 competitions with other 4A schools annually.
  • Requires that team number > 11 participants.
  • There are no requirements for participation from any other schools.
  • There are no requirements for 4A competitions in any time period.
  •  There is no “minimum participants” requirement.


  • OSAA sanctioned status.
  • Catastrophic insurance benefits provided by district for participants.
  • OSAA State Championship.
  • Sports “letter”.
  • District coach.
  • Budgeted as necessary.
  • Athletic director support.
  • Development or club status.
  • Catastrophic insurance benefits provided by district for participants.
  • Championship is offered.Sports “letter” for Roseburg resident students.
  • Volunteer advisor.
  • Allowance based on “per participant” formula.
  • Activities director support.    

Participation Requirements

  • Adherence to “code of conduct”.
  • District participation fee applies.
  • Requirement to achieve no less than 5 passing grades and be “on track for graduation”.
  • Individual health insurance plan.
  • Residence within the school district.
  • Annual program and coach evaluation.
  • Complete “orange card” process (emergency info, physical, grade check, residence check, etc.)
  • Club membership requirements as stipulated by the club in addition to the “code of conduct”.
  • Club fees and equipment as stipulated by the club.
  • “On track” progress toward graduation.
  • Individual health insurance plan.
  • No residence requirement.
  • No formal evaluation requirements, the performance of the advisor will be a consideration in the decision to continue or discontinue.
  • No orange card requirement but each advisor must have emergency information