IGDK - Nonschool Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions

Code: IGDK
Adopted: 8/13/97; 8/10/22

The district does not sponsor, endorse or financially contribute to the variety of outside-sponsored study and athletic tours/trips/competitions available to students.

The district does not recruit for, or have input into, the selection of programs, many of which are not open to all students. Such tours, trips and competitions are under the sole guidance and control of the sponsoring organizations/groups.

Students who raise funds for their personal participation in such activities may not raise moneys for such travel as a representative of the school. The district or individual school name may not be used unless the communication clearly identifies the sponsor as a group other than the school. Students may not use school supplies, materials or facilities in conjunction with such trips or their related fund raising.

Staff members is discouraged from using their contact with students during work time to advertise or recruit for summer or other holiday travel which involves their supervision of students. Staff will not advise parents regarding selection of such trips or tours for their children. The counseling center may contain pamphlets which will assist parents who have questions about selection of such a tour.

Parents are advised to consider carefully the activities that are available to their children. Parents have an obligation to ensure that patrons of the district do not assume such activities are school sponsored or funded.


Legal Reference(s)

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