IGDK - Non-district Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions

Code: IGDK
Adopted: 8/13/97

In the planning and organizing of out-of-school time trips or excursions not sponsored by the district which involve students as participants and/or teachers as organizers or chaperones, the following guidelines shall be implemented:

  1. Although trips may develop as an outgrowth of particular areas of study at any school, students shall not in any manner be made to feel that they are approved or sponsored by the district or that they must participate in such trips or excursions;
  2. Planning and organization of the trip or excursion shall be accomplished outside of teacher contract hours and shall not infringe in any way upon class time;
  3. The trip itself shall not be considered integral to successful completion of the course of study for any class;
  4. Use of district facilities during after-school hours for planning and organizing the trip or excursion shall be permitted with the organizers or chaperones following the normal procedures for such use by completion of a building use form and acquiring appropriate approval;
  5. The distribution or posting of information about the trip shall be allowed only with prior approval of the building principal.

Legal Reference(s)

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