IGDK-AR - Non-District Sponsored Study and AthleticTours/Trips/Competitions

Adopted: 8/13/97

Whenever a group or individual is permitted to promote or solicit district students to participate in an educational opportunity outside of the regular school program, the Superintendent shall require the group or individual to provide the following disclaimer/disclosure to each parent or student contacted or inquiring about the program.



“The educational opportunity being discussed with you and your student is not supervised or sponsored by Roseburg Public Schools. The activities outlined in the program are not covered by District insurance. The persons promoting and engaging in the educational activity do so in their individual capacities and not as employees or agents of the District. The District makes no representations whatsoever regarding the safety or efficiency of this program and no such conclusion should be taken from the mere fact that the District has allowed the group or individual to promote this activity in the schools, Parents must make an independent determination that the activities and personnel involved in the activities will provide their student with a safe and meaningful educational experience.”