IGDKA - Community Partner Relationships for Community-Based Educational Opportunities

Adopted: 9/13/06

It is the desire of the school district to involve the community to the extent that it can.  It is appreciated that community-based groups collaborate with the District to benefit our schools. Such programs enhance the instructional impact of schools and promote the educational objectives of the public education effort. To that end, the district recognizes the value of the work of “cooperating community agencies” and will enter into formal agreements that clearly define the relationships between the district and such groups when both parties desire to establish such a relationship. The Superintendent will promulgate rules, draft written agreements and enter into such relationships as an agent of the school district in such cases.

“Cooperating Community Agencies” are defined as those community-based and community funded programs (e.g. SMART, Special Olympics, etc.) that are designed to enhance the opportunities for the district students through formal agreements in which both parties benefit, share resources and share responsibilities to facilitate the program opportunities.

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