IIBGA - Electronic Communications Systems Access

Adopted: 8/13/97

Acceptable Use Policy

The Board is committed to the development and establishment of quality, equitable and cost effective electronic communications system access. The sole purpose of such system access shall be for the advancement and promotion of learning and teaching.

Electronic communications access will be used to provide statewide, national and global communications opportunities for staff and students.

The district’s electronic communications system access policy applies to all of the following: dial-up access to online services, commercial or otherwise; access over a Roseburg School District wide area network; or access to the network administered by Douglas Education Service District that provides access to the Internet for Douglas County School Districts.

The superintendent will establish administrative regulations for the use of district electronic communications access. The administrative regulations will be consistent with sound guidelines as may be provided by the education service district and/or the Oregon Department of Education.

Failure to abide by district policy and administrative regulations governing use of the district’s electronic communications access may result in the suspension and/or revocation of system access. Additionally, student violations may also result in discipline up to and including expulsion. Staff violations may also result in discipline up to and including dismissal. Fees, fines or other charges may also be imposed.

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