IICA - Field Trips and Special Events

Code: IICA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 8/10/22
Original Code: IICA

The district recognizes the value of special activities to the total school program. Further, students need to be allowed to participate in and profit from carefully planned learning experiences which fall outside the normal school program/day.

Field trips and other curricular/cocurricular activities involving travel may be authorized by the superintendent or designee when such trips or activities contribute to the achievement of desirable educational/social/cultural goals.

In planning and authorizing such trips, primary consideration will be given to educational values derived, the safety and welfare of students involved, community standards of conduct and behavior on the part of all participants and the selection of appropriate adult supervision, either from within the school staff or from the parent and community volunteer pool.

Written parental permission must be obtained for each trip. The signed form showing parental approval and acknowledgment of student conduct guidelines will be maintained on file for a period of [one year].

The administration will develop rules to ensure both students and adult supervisors are acquainted with the standards for conduct while representing the district. Such rules will reinforce district policy in areas such as alcohol, tobacco and unlawful drug use, procedure to be used in cases of illness or accident, and methods for communicating with administrators/parents in discipline and emergency situations.

All out-of-state travel must have prior superintendent or designee approval. Such approval is predicated on an acceptable plan for travel arrangements, parental involvement, orientation of students and supervisors and support of the appropriate administrator(s).


Legal Reference(s)

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