IICA-AR - Field Trip Guidelines for Elementary Students

Adopted: 10/17/12
Revised/Readopted: 8/10/22
Orig. Code: IICA-AR

After gaining the consent of the building principal, elementary teachers may schedule field trips to approved places within the following guidelines:

Kindergarten through third grade - no overnight stays.

Grades four and five - overnight stays limited to no more than two nights. Any overnight stays require at least two adults in all sleeping quarters to provide chaperone services.

Preference should be given to trips/activities that can be accommodated without overnight stays.

All chaperones must have background checks if they are not current employees of Roseburg Public Schools.

Field trip costs cannot be mandatory payments from families; however a suggested donation amount to offset a portion of the costs may be communicated. No student may be left behind for an inability to pay for school related field trips.

Field trips should generally be limited to direct curricular activities appropriate for the age group, and common core standards related to the trip/activity should be delineated in advance.

Buses should always be the first option for student transportation. Parent transportation should be limited to only that parent’s student whenever possible. Because parents transporting other students have unsupervised access to students, a background check is to be performed. Additionally, the parent’s insurance and driver’s license must be on file with the Business Office prior to transporting students.