IJ - School Counseling Program

Code: IJ
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 10/11/17, 8/10/22

The district’s coordinated comprehensive school counseling program supports the academic, career, social-emotional, and community involvement development of all students. Each school will have a comprehensive counseling program for students in grades K-12, which will be based on the Oregon Department of Education’s Oregon’s Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.[1] The district’s program may include a child development specialist program for grades K-8 students and families who reside in the attendance areas of district schools. The district will adopt program goals, which will assist students to:

1. Understand and utilize the educational opportunities and alternatives available to them;

2. Meet academic standards;

3. Establish tentative career and educational goals;

4. Create and maintain an education plan and education portfolio;

5. Demonstrate the ability to utilize personal qualities, education and training, in the world of work;

6. Develop decision-making skills;

7. Obtain information about self;

8. Accept increasing responsibility for their own actions, including the development of self-advocacy skills;

9. Develop skills in interpersonal relations, including the use of effective and receptive communication;

10. Utilize school and community resources;

11. Demonstrate and discuss personal contributions to the larger community; and

12. Know where and how to utilize personal skills in making contributions to the community.

Materials used in the counseling program will be free of content that may discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or marital status, or that which permits or requires different treatment of students on such basis unless such differences cover the same occupation and interest areas and the use of such different material is shown to be essential to the elimination of discrimination.

Consistent with individual rights and the counselor’s obligations as a professional, the counseling relationship and resulting information may be protected as privileged communications by Oregon law.[2]


1 Oregon Department of Education - Comprehensive School Counseling

2 See ORS 40.245.

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