IK - Academic Achievement**

Code: IK
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 2/22/12

The Board feels it important that teachers have as much accurate knowledge of student achievement as possible to assess students’ needs and growth; thus, a sharing of information among parent, teacher and student is essential.

The district shall ensure that all students have the opportunity to demonstrate progress toward meeting or exceeding proficiency in the knowledge and skills of the student’s current grade level. Students who have not yet met or who exceed all of the standards at any grade level, will be offered additional services or alternative public education options.

The Board directs staff to follow these guidelines in measuring and reporting student progress: 

  1. Parents will be informed regularly, at least four times a year, of their student’s progress in school;
  2. Parents will be alerted and conferred with as soon as possible when a student’s performance or attitude becomes unsatisfactory or shows marked or sudden deterioration;
  3. Grades and/or portfolio content assessment will be based upon academic performance and will not include student attitude.  Grades will not be used for disciplinary purposes.  Attendance shall not be the sole criterion for the reduction of a student’s grade;
  4. At comparable levels, the school system will strive for consistency in grading and reporting except when this consistency is inappropriate for certain classes or certain students;
  5. When no grades are given but the student is evaluated in terms of progress, the school staff also will provide a realistic appraisal of the student’s standing in relation to his/her peers;
  6. The staff will take particular care to explain to parents the meaning of marks and symbols used to reflect student performance.

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Cross Reference(s)

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