IKAB - Student Progress Reports to Parents**

Code: IKAB
Adopted: 8/13/97
Revised/Readopted: 8/10/22
Original Code: IKAB

Parents shall be regularly and fully informed of their student’s progress toward achieving the academic content standards, including but not limited to:

1. Information on progress in each subject area to meet or exceed the academic content standards of the student’s current grade level or course content level, including major goals used to determine the information;

2. Specific evidence of student progress toward mastery of a continuum of academic knowledge and skills (academic content standards) of a subject area, upon request from a parent;

3. Student scores on all state and local assessments indicating any of the requirements that have been waived for the district or the individual and time periods for the waiver; and

4. Student progress toward completion of diploma requirements to parents of students in grades 9-12, including credits earned, demonstration of extended application and demonstration of the Essential Skills.

The school will report a student’s progress to the student and to his/her parents. The report will be clear, concise and accurate, and will provide a basis of understanding among teachers, parents and students for the benefit of the individual student. The Board directs the administration to develop progress report forms or cards in accordance with this policy.

A non-custodial parent may also receive such information as provided in Board policy GBH/JECAC - Staff/Student/Parent Relations.

In an effort to promote effective communications with individuals with disabilities, the school will provide progress reports in an alternative format upon request and with appropriate advance notice.

Full consideration will be given to the requests of the person with a disability in the selection of appropriate auxiliary aids and services.


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