IKAD - Grade Reduction/Credit Denial

Code: IKAD
Adopted: 8/13/97
Revised/Readopted: 8/10/22
Original Code: IKAD
Grade reduction or credit denial determinations may include student attendance. Student attendance may not be a sole criterion. If attendance is a factor, prior to a grade reduction or credit denial, the following shall occur:
  1. The teacher will identify and inform parents and students how the attendance and class participation is related to the instructional goals of the subject or course;
  2. The district’s procedures will include due process for the student when the grade is reduced or credit denied for attendance rather than academic reasons;
  3. The reasons for nonattendance are considered and the grade is not reduced or credit denied based upon absences due to:
    1. Religious reasons;
    2. A student’s disability; or
    3. An excused absence, as determined by the district’s policy.


Legal Reference(s)

ORS 339.280