IKH - Credit for Proficiency

Code: IKH
Adopted: 5/26/10
Re-adopted: 10/14/2015

The district shall grant required and elective credit towards a diploma or a modified diploma, provided the method for accruing such credit is described in the student’s personal education plan, to students who demonstrate defined levels of proficiency or mastery of recognized standards, i.e. knowledge and skills, (e.g., state academic content standards and essential skills, industry-based or other national or international standards) by one or more of the options below. 

  1. Successfully completing classroom or equivalent work (e.g., supervised independent study, career-related learning experiences, project based learning) that meets Common Curriculum Goals and academic content standards required by Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-022-1210;
  2. Successfully completing classroom or equivalent work, in class or out of class, where hours of instruction may vary;
  3. Passing an appropriate exam;
  4. Providing a collection of work or other assessment evidence; or
  5. Providing documentation of prior learning activities or experiences (e.g., certification of training, letters, diplomas, awards, etc.).

The Board directs the superintendent to develop an administrative regulation that establishes criteria for granting proficiency credit.

Legal Reference(s)

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