IM - Instructional Program Renewal

Code: IM
Adopted: 8/13/97

The district is dedicated to a continuous system of instructional program renewal.  This renewal process shall include components of curriculum development, materials selection, program organization, and monitoring as well as selection of appropriate teaching strategies.

The program renewal process shall be consistent with the State Department of Education’s instructional improvement cycle and integral to the district’s school improvement plan process.  In addition, program renewal in other instructional areas may occur.

Renewals will follow a planned sequence of steps that will normally extend over a three to five year period.

The steps will include:

  1. Develop plan;
  2. Collect data on existing program;
  3. Review literature, research, trends and preferred practices;
  4. Develop program philosophy (position paper) and goals for Board adoption;
  5. Develop materials selection criteria;
  6. Select basic instructional and supplementary materials;
  7. Develop curriculum guide;
  8. Plan and schedule staff development;
  9. Develop monitoring plan;
  10. Implementation;
  11. Evaluate student achievement;
  12. Assess results.

Periodically, the superintendent will report progress of the instructional program renewal to the Board for review and/or adoption.  The Board will adopt each program position paper and goals.

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