INDB - Flag Displays and Salutes

Code: INDB
Adopted: 12/9/09
Re-adopted: 4/9/14, 2/24/16

A United States flag and an Oregon flag shall be displayed on or near each school building under the control of the Board or used by the district, during school hours, except in unsuitable weather and at any other times the Board deems proper.

The district shall obtain and display a United States flag of an appropriate size for each classroom.

Students shall receive instruction in respect for the national flag, and be provided an opportunity to salute the United States flag at least once each week by reciting The Pledge of Allegiance.

A flag salute may be implemented at assemblies, before or after school, at lunch, special events, home room class, athletic contests, or at other times deemed appropriate by the school principal. Individual staff members and students who do not participate in the salute must maintain a respectful silence during the salute.

Upon request from an Oregon Sovereign tribal government, a flag representing the sovereign tribal government must be displayed on, near or within a school building during school hours.  The location of the flag will be determined by the district in consultation with the requesting sovereign tribal government.

Legal Reference(s)

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