JEA - Compulsory Attendance**

Code: JEA
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 12/11/13, 5/23/18; 11/16/22

Except when exempt by Oregon law, all children between ages 6 and 18 who have not completed the 12th grade are required to regularly attend a public, full -time school during the entire school term.

All children five years of age who have been enrolled in a public school are required to attend regularly while enrolled in the public school.

Persons having legal control of a child between the ages 6 and 18, who has not completed the 12th grade, are required to have the child attend and maintain the child in regular attendance during the entire school term. Persons having legal control of a child, who is five years of age and has enrolled the child in a public school, are required to have the child attend and maintain the child in regular attendance during the school term.

Under the superintendent’s direction and supervision, attendance supervisors shall monitor and report any violation of the compulsory attendance law to the superintendent or designee. Failure to send a child to school and to maintain a child in regular attendance in school is a Class C violation.

The district will develop procedures for issuing a citation.

A parent who is not supervising their child by requiring school attendance may also be in violation of Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 163.577 (1)(c); failing to supervise a child is a Class A violation.

Exemptions from Compulsory School Attendance

In the following cases, children shall not be required to attend public, full -time schools:

1. Children being taught in a private or parochial school in courses of study usually taught in kindergarten through grade 12 in the public schools, and in attendance for a period equivalent to that required of students attending public schools.                                                   

2. Children proving to the Board’s satisfaction that they have acquired equivalent knowledge to that acquired in the courses of study taught in kindergarten through grade 12 in the public schools.

3. Children who have received a high school diploma or a modified diploma.

4. Children being taught, by a private teacher, the courses of study usually taught in kindergarten through grade 12 in the public school for a period equivalent to that required of students attending public schools.

5. Children being educated in the home by a parent, guardian or private teacher:

a. When a student is taught or is withdrawn from a public school to be taught by a parent or private teacher, the parent or teacher must notify the Douglas Education Service District (ESD) in writing within 10 days of such occurrence. In addition, when a home-schooled student moves to a new ESD, the parent shall notify the new ESD in writing, within 10 days, of the intent to continue home schooling. The ESD superintendent shall acknowledge receipt of any notification in writing within 90 days of receipt of the notification. The ESD is to notify, at least annually, school districts of home-schooled students who reside in their district;

b. Each child being taught by a parent or private teacher shall be examined no later than August 15, following grades 3, 5, 8 and 10:

(1) If the student was withdrawn from public school, the first examination shall be administered at least 18 months after the date the student withdrew;

(2) If the child never attended public or private school, the first examination shall be administered prior to the end of grade 3;

(3) Procedures for homeschooling students with disabilities are set out in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-021-0029.

c. Examinations testing each child shall be from the list of approved examinations from the State Board of Education;

d. The examination must be administered by a neutral, individual qualified to administer tests on the approved list provided by the Oregon Department of Education;

e. The person administering the examination shall score the examination and report the results to the parent. Upon request of the ESD superintendent, the parent shall submit the results of the examination to the ESD;

f. All costs for the test instrument, administration and scoring are the responsibility of the parent;

g. In the event the ESD superintendent finds that the child is not showing satisfactory educational progress, the ESD superintendent shall provide the parent with a written statement of the reasons for the finding, based on the test results and shall follow the guidelines in Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules.

6. Children whose sixth birthday occurred on or before September 1 immediately preceding the beginning of the current school year, if the parent or guardian notified the child’s resident district in writing that the parent or guardian is delaying the enrollment of their child for one school year to better meet the child’s needs for cognitive, social or physical development, as determined by the parent or guardian.

7. Children who are present in the United States on a nonimmigrant visa and who are attending a private, accredited English language learner program in preparation for attending a private high school or college.

8. Children excluded from attendance as provided by law.

9. Children who are eligible military children[1] are exempt up to 10 days after the date of military transfer or pending transfer indicated in the official military order.

10. An exemption may be granted to the parent or guardian of any child 16 or 17 years of age who is lawfully employed full -time, or who is lawfully employed part-time and enrolled in school, a community college or an alternative education program as defined in ORS 336.615.

11. An exemption may be granted to any child who is an emancipated minor or who has initiated the procedure for emancipation under ORS 419B.550 - 419B.558.


1 “Military child” means a child who is in a military family covered by the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, as determined under rules adopted by the State Board of Education.

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