JEBA - Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade

Code: JEBA
Adopted: 3/9/88
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 2/22/17, 4/8/2020; 11/16/22
Original Code: JEBA

Students are admitted to kindergarten and first grade at the beginning of each school year according to the following criteria:

1. A student must have reached the fifth birthday for kindergarten and the sixth birthday for first grade on or before September 1, and must show proof of age within ten days of enrollment by providing birth certificate, baptismal record or passport or certified adoption papers.
2. A child who has not attained the minimum age requirement may be admitted if:

a. The child has previously been enrolled in a kindergarten or first grade program in an Oregon public school, or
b. The child will reach their 5th or 6th birthday by November 1, and the cognitive, social and physical development needs of the child would best be met in the school program, as determined by a district-developed evaluation process.

This process will include:

(1) Cognitive and social-emotional assessments administered by District Staff.
(2) Review of student assessment and other relevant information by a District evaluation team, to include the student’s parents.
(3) Families will be charged a fee for each child tested, per District fee schedule.

3. Students must comply with ORS 433.267 relative to immunizations. It is recommended that a physical examination be completed prior to enrollment.


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