JECAC/GBH - Staff/Student/Parent Relations**

Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 4/11/18; 7/13/22

The Board encourages parents to be involved in their student’s school educational activities and, unless otherwise ordered by the courts, an order of sole custody on the part of one parent shall not deprive the other parent of the following authority as it relates to:

  1.  Receiving and inspecting their student's education records and consulting with school staff concerning the student’s welfare and education, to the same extent as provided the parent having sole custody;
  2.  Authorizing emergency medical, dental, psychological, psychiatric or other health care for the student if the custodial parent is, for practical reasons, unavailable.

It is the responsibility of the parent with sole custody to provide any court order or parental plan that curtails the rights of the noncustodial parent at the time of enrollment or any other time a court order is issued.

The student will not be released during the school day to the non-custodial parent, nor shall the non-custodial parent be granted visitation or phone access to the child during the school day, unless such release or visitation or contact is approved in writing by the custodial parent, or is provided by court order or by a parenting plan approved by the custodial parent.

In the case of joint custody, the district will adhere to all conditions specified and ordered by the court. when provided by the court and furnished to district staff. The district may request in writing any special requests or clarifications in areas concerning the student and the district’s relationship and responsibilities.

The district will use reasonable methods to identify and authenticate the identity of both parents.


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