JECBA-AR - Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

Adopted: 8/13/97
  1. Pre-requisites
  1. State department guidelines stipulate that a group sponsored student must obtain school approval and family placement before leaving their home country.
  1. A group sponsored student must obtain a “J” visa from the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service which they must show upon registration.
  1. A student coming through a private exchange program must obtain an “F-1" visa and prior approval required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  1. The student or sponsoring organization will provide all dues and fees.


  1. Program Guidelines
  1. The high school may accept a maximum of eleven full-year students from foreign countries.
  1. Candidates will be selected from foreign non-profit exchange programs with local representation approved by the building administrator.
  1. In addition, up to two students may be accepted at any one time from short-term programs at the discretion of the building administrator.
  1. All potential organizations or individuals will obtain approval from the high school administrator by May 30 for the coming school year.  Applications may not be accepted after May 30.
  1. The high school administration reserves the right to terminate attendance if the student does not comply with the high school academic/behavioral standards that apply to that student.
  1. A foreign student will receive an honorary high school diploma.  Counselors will review an appropriate course of study and will give a written recommendation to the student.  All full-year students may participate in graduation ceremonies regardless of diploma received.