JED - Student Absences and Excuses

Code: JED
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 2/8/12

The Board considers regular school attendance essential for educational success.  Truancy and excessive absenteeism are disruptive to the goal of educational success.  All students are expected to attend school as required by law and by Board policy.

With these beliefs in mind, the superintendent will develop appropriate attendance procedures that foster a partnership with parents to develop positive attendance habits.  It is in the student’s best educational interests to identify truancy problems early, to articulate responsibilities, to provide related counseling services and to initiate appropriate consequences.

For the purpose of safety and accounting for all absences, parents will be responsible for reporting student absences and the reason(s) for such absence.  The school principal or designee will be responsible for assessing and acting upon parental requests for excused absences.

The principal or designee has the authority to excuse students for absences due to illness of the student, illness in the family, emergencies or for purposes of religious instruction as described in policy JEFB, Release Time for Religious Instruction.  Students may also be excused for other reasons deemed appropriate by the principal/designee or Board when satisfactory arrangements have been made in advance.

Students may be excused on a limited basis from a particular, pre-planned classroom activity or from a selected portion of the established curriculum on the basis of personal, religious or ethnic considerations.

Students may be excused on a limited basis from attending class due to schedule conflicts related to co-curricular or extracurricular activities as determined by the principal or designee.

A student whose absence is excused must still fulfill the school’s requirements.  Missed assignments must be completed for full credit within 5 school days after the return of the student with the exception of predetermined tests or assignments which will be due either immediately upon the return of the student or by instructor authorized time extensions or completion.  Assignments/Tests not completed as stated will be given no credit.  At the discretion of the instructor, missed assignments may be waived or modified without penalty.

A student whose absence is unexcused will receive no credit for assignments not completed.  However, at the discretion of the principal and by mutual agreement of the student (and when appropriate, the counselor), the student will be given an opportunity to receive credit for work missed that will include attendance intervention strategies.  Such exception will only be made for two unexcused absences.

Additionally, the superintendent will develop procedures whereby those students who are considered truant may be subject to the following penalties:  detention, suspension, expulsion and/or ineligibility to participate in athletics or other activities.  In addition, the student’s parents or guardian may receive a truancy citation.

Each school shall notify parents/guardians by the end of the school day if their child has an unplanned absence. The notification will be either in person, by telephone, or another method identified in writing by the parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian cannot be notified by the above methods, a message shall be left, if possible.

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