JEFB - Release Time for Religious Instruction**

Code: JEFB
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 9/11/91, 8/13/97
Original Codes: 7700, 4820

Upon application of the parent, a student may be excused from school for religious instruction, not to exceed two hours for grades K-8 and five hours for grades 9-12 in any school week.

Students not attending religious instruction will continue with the regular school program.

The administration shall have procedures for excusing, accounting and safe-guarding students attending religious instruction.

Any student unable to attend classes on a particular day due to religious beliefs shall be excused from attendance requirements for that day.

No such absence shall be recorded on the student’s transcripts.  Any tests and assignments a student misses because of religious instruction shall be given to the student at another time.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 339.420
ORS 659.150
OAR 581-021-0046

Dilger v. School District 24CJ, 222 Or. 108 (1960).