JFG-AR - Administrative Rules for Implementation of Policy on Searches and Seizures

Code: JFG-AR
Adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 7940

Procedures for Searches and Seizures

  1. If circumstances permit, the search of a student’s person or personal property should be conducted in the presence of an adult witness.
  1. Evidence of an illegal act or violation of Board policy may be seized by school personnel.  Personal property seized during a search shall be handled according to the procedure for confiscation of contraband.  A student or the student’s parent or guardian shall be given the opportunity to be present when a search of personal possessions is conducted by school personnel, provided that safety or other exigent circumstances do not require an immediate search of the personal property.
  1. As soon as practicable after a search is completed, the district shall contact the parent or guardian of the student and notify that individual of the situation.
  1. All items seized shall be turned over to the proper government agency or the true owner pursuant to the confiscation procedure.
  1. District personnel responsible for conducting the search shall prepare a written report of the incident.