JFI - Assembly of Students

Code: JFI
Adopted: Unknown 
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 7910

The use of all district facilities should be planned in advance and approved by the administration.


Students will be permitted to hold meetings and gather informally under the following conditions:

Responsibilities:  Student Meetings

  1. The meeting shall be scheduled in advance;
  1. Normal class activities shall not be disrupted;
  1. The meeting shall not be such as may be likely to incite hazard to a person or the meeting;
  1. The meeting shall be sponsored by school officials or an official school club or organization;
  1. No speaker who openly and knowingly advocates breaking the law shall be invited to speak.  Invitation to speakers shall be approved by the principal or his/her designated representatives;
  1. If a crowd is anticipated, a crowd control plan shall be filed in the appropriate office well in advance of the meeting;
  1. Attempts shall be made to present a balance of viewpoints.

Responsibilities:  Informal Student Gatherings

  1. Students gathering informally shall not disrupt the orderly operation of educational process;
  1. Students gathered informally shall not infringe upon the rights of others to pursue their activities.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 332.072
ORS 332.107
OAR 581-021-0050
OAR 581-021-0055
Cross Reference(s)

IB - Freedom of Expression
IGDA - Student Organizations