JGA - Corporal Punishment**

Code: JGA
Adopted: 10/10/90
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 7991

The use of corporal punishment in any form is strictly prohibited in the district.  No student will be subject to the infliction of corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment is defined as any act which willfully inflicts or willfully causes the infliction of physical pain on a student.

Corporal punishment does not include physical pain or discomfort resulting from or caused by:

  1. Training for or participation in athletic competition voluntarily engaged in by a student;
  1. Recreational activity voluntarily engaged in by a student;
  1. Physical exertion shared by all students in a teacher directed class activity, which may include, but is not limited to, physical education exercises, field trips or vocational education projects; or
  1. Physical restraint or the use of aversive techniques as part of a behavior management program in a student’s individual education program which has been signed by the parent and is carried out according to district procedures.

A teacher, administrator, school employee or volunteer is authorized to employ reasonable physical restraint when, in his/her judgment, the physical restraint is necessary to maintain order or to prevent a student from harming himself/herself, other students and school staff or property.

Reasonable physical restraint is defined as the use of physical force necessary to protect an individual’s health or safety or to restrain an individual from carrying out an unauthorized or illegal action but should not reasonably be expected to cause life-threatening injury to the individual restrained or prevented from acting

Legal Reference(s)

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