Code: JGD
Adopted: 11/16/22

The Board authorizes the administration to suspend a student for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Willful disobedience and violation of Board policies, administrative regulations or school rules;
2. Willful conduct which materially and substantially disrupts the rights of others to an education;
3. Willful conduct which endangers the student, other students or staff members;
4. Willful conduct which damages or injures district property.

A student whose conduct or condition is seriously detrimental to the school’s best interests may be suspended. The district shall consider the age of the student and the student’s past pattern of behavior prior to imposing the suspension. The district will ensure careful consideration of the rights and needs of the individual concerned, as well as the best interests of other students and the school program as a whole.

The use of out-of-school suspension for discipline of a student in the fifth grade or below, is limited to:

1. Nonaccidental conduct causing serious physical harm to a student or employee;
2. When a school administrator determines, based on the administrator’s observation or upon a report from an employee, the student’s conduct poses a threat to the health or safety of students or employees; or
3. When the suspension is required by law.

When an out-of-school suspension is imposed on a student in the fifth grade or lower, the district shall take steps to prevent the recurrence of the behavior that led to the out-of-school suspension, and return the student to a classroom setting to minimize the disruption of the student’s academic instruction.

Each notice of suspension will include a statement of the reasons for suspension, the length of the suspension, a plan for readmission and may include a plan for the student to make up school work. No suspension shall extend beyond 10 school days. Every reasonable and prompt effort must be made to notify the parents of suspended students. The district may require a student to attend school during nonschool hours as an alternative to suspension.

In emergency situations that are a result of risk to health and safety, the district may postpone the suspension notice process above until the emergency condition has passed.

Students who are suspended may not attend after-school activities and athletic events, be present on district property without a parent or participate in activities directed or sponsored by the district.

A decision by the superintendent or designee to suspend a student may be appealed to the Board through the district’s complaint procedures (see Board policy KL - Public Complaints and its accompanying administrative regulations).

Students and parents are given notice of possible discipline actions resulting from student misconduct that may result in suspension in the Student/Parent Handbook made available by the district.


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Cross Reference(s):

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