JHC - Student Health Services and Requirements

Code:  JHC
Adopted:  8/13/97

Although the district’s primary responsibility is to educate students, the student’s health and general welfare is also a major Board concern.  The Board believes school programs should be conducted in a manner that protects and enhances student and employee health and is consistent with good health practices.

The district shall have an established health services program which provides:

  1. Pertinent health information on the students, as required by Oregon statutes or regulations;
  1. Health appraisal to include screening for possible vision or hearing problems;
  1. Health counseling for students and parents when appropriate;
  1. Emergency care and first-aid assistance for sick and injured students and staff;
  1. Control and prevention of communicable diseases as required by the State Health Division and the county health department;
  1. Assistance for students in taking prescribed medication according to established district procedures;
  1. Adaptation for students with special health needs.

The Board directs its district health staff to coordinate with health personnel from other public agencies in matters pertaining to health instruction or the general health of students and employees.

Procedures shall be developed and implemented to carry out this policy.  All district employees will be apprised of their responsibilities in this area.  Parents shall have the opportunity to request their students be exempt from participation in vision or hearing screening.  The district will abide by those requests.

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