JHC-AR - Administrative Policy Regarding Head Lice



To The Parents Of:                                                                   Date:                                                                

your child has been excluded from school today due to the presence of head lice.  District policy outlines the following procedures for families to follow prior to re-admittance. Your assistance with this matter is appreciated.




  • Head lice are very small insects that live only on human hair. They are considered a “nuisance” disease meaning they do not cause illness or death.
  • Because they can easily transfer from person to person on coats, hats, combs, barrettes, etc. head lice are termed a “communicable disease”.
  • All children suspected of having a communicable disease must be immediately excluded from school (OAR 333-019-0010).
  • Any child suspected of having head lice will be sent home immediately. Families who identify head lice on their children at home are encouraged to notify the school so that other children may be checked.
  1. The family may take the child to their private physician or the Douglas County Health Department or the family may decide to purchase a pediculicide (special shampoo for head lice) at the local pharmacy. There are electric combs available also.
  2. The child, family members and other close contacts should be treated with the proper shampoo carefully following the manufacturers recommended guidelines. It is suggested that bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, furniture, etc. be “heat treated” (ironed, blow dryer, clothes dryer).
  3. After treatment, the eggs (nits) should be removed with a fine comb or by manually pulling them from the hair shaft. The family will be provided with information regarding the treatment of other family members, close contacts and the home environment by their physician or the Douglas County Health Department.

The child will be readmitted when brought to school by parents/guardian, and the school personnel have been assured that the child has been treated with an acceptable shampoo and the form below has been completed.

A second shampoo and inspection will be recommended within 7-10 days of the exclusion.

Children experiencing repeated problems with head lice may be referred for follow-up to the community health nurse assigned to the School District.


                                                                     PROCEDURE POLICY

I have checked my family for signs of head lice and shampooed                                                        
                                                                            (Child’s name)              
with                                                                              following the initial exclusion.



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