JHCB - Immunization and Vision Screening/Eye Examination

Code: JHCB
Adopted: 11/19/93
Re-adopted: 8/13/97, 2/26/14, 8/13/14
Original Code: 7400


No student will be allowed to enroll or continue school attendance without first presenting evidence of compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules requiring immunization.

The building administrator/designee is authorized to exclude any student from school attendance for non-compliance with the statutes and rules.  The building administrator/designee will notify the parent or guardian in writing of the reason for the exclusion, stating that the student will continue to be excluded until the student has complied with the requirements.  The notice will also inform the parent that a hearing will be afforded upon request.

The district will comply with the Oregon Department of Human Services, Health Services rules related to the district's immunization registry and the associated tracking and recall systems.  This compliance shall include the waiver of the requirement of consent for release of information from or providing information to and the waiver of issues of confidentiality in regard to immunization records.

The above policy statement affects all students not exempted for religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs or medical reasons.[1]

Vision Screening/Eye Examination

The parent of a student who is 7 years of age or younger and is beginning an education program with the district for the first time, shall within 120 days of beginning the education program, submit a certification that:

  1. The student has received a vision screening or eye examination; and
  1. Any further examination, treatments or assistance necessary.

The certification is not required if the parent or guardian provides a statement to the district that:

  1. The student submitted a certification to a prior education provider, or
  1. The vision screening or eye examination is contrary to the religious beliefs of the student or the parents or guardian of the student.

[1] Documentation required for exemption is outlined in ORS 433.267

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