JHCC Communicable Diseases - Students

Code: JHCC
Adopted: 11/16/22

The district shall provide reasonable protection against the risk of exposure to communicable disease for students. Reasonable protection from communicable disease is generally attained through immunization, exclusion or other measures as provided by Oregon law, by the local health department or in the Communicable Disease Guidance published by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Services will be provided to students as required by law. A student will not attend school while in a communicable stage of a restrictable disease or when an administrator has reason to suspect that any susceptible student has or has been exposed to any disease for which the student is required to be excluded in accordance with law and per administrative regulation JHCC-AR - Communicable Diseases - Students. If the disease is a reportable disease, the administrator will report the occurrence to the local health department. The administrator will also take whatever reasonable steps it considers necessary to organize and operate its programs in a way which both furthers the education and protects the health of students and others.

The district may, for the protection of both the student who has a restrictable disease and the exposed student, provide an educational program in an alternative setting.

The district will include, as a part of its emergency plan, a description of the actions to be taken by district personnel in the case of a declared public health emergency or other catastrophe that disrupts district operations.

The district shall protect the confidentiality of each student’s health condition and record to the extent possible and consistent with federal and state law. In cases when a restrictable or reportable disease is diagnosed and confirmed for a student, the administrator shall inform the appropriate employees with a legitimate educational interest to protect against the risk of exposure.

The superintendent will develop administrative regulations necessary to implement this policy.


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