JHCCF - Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Adopted: 11/16/22

A student with a suspected case of head lice will be referred to the school nurse or administrator for assessment. A student found with live lice will be excluded from school. A student found with nits will be allowed in school. A parent of the student will be notified and treatment will be requested. Students with a severe infestation[1] will be excluded immediately until treated. A student excluded from school that has been treated will be readmitted after an assessment by designated personnel. The student may be subject to periodic checks.

The successful treatment of head lice requires a coordinated approach and may involve the use of anti-louse products, combing and implementation of preventative measures recommended by health authorities. Treatment information will be provided by the district to the parents of students found to have contracted head lice.

The superintendent will develop administrative regulations, as necessary, to implement this policy.


Ten or more live lice are present on the student upon assessment by designated personnel.

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