JHCD - Nonprescription Medication**/*

Code: JHCD
Adopted: 8/16/98
Re-adopted: 9/28/11, 4/22/15

The district recognizes that administering nonprescription medication to students and/or self-medication may be necessary when the failure to take such medication during school hours would prevent the student from attending school.  Consequently, students may be permitted to take nonprescription medication at school.

The district reserves the right to reject a request to administer (or allow self administration of prescription medication) when such medication is not necessary for the student to remain in school.

A request to the district to allow a student to self medicate with a nonprescription medication shall include written permission and instruction from a parent or guardian, and shall include an assurance from the parent or guardian that the student has received appropriate instruction for its use.

A request to the district to administer a nonprescription medication shall include written permission and instruction from a parent or guardian.

The district shall designate staff authorized to administer medication to students.  Training shall be provided as required by law.

Nothing in this policy should be read or construed as authorizing the use of medical marijuana on school grounds or at school related events.

Nonprescription medication will be handled, stored, monitored, disposed of and records maintained in accordance with established district regulations governing administering noninjectable or injectable, or prescription or nonprescription medicines to students, including procedures for the disposal of sharps and glass.

This policy and administrative regulation shall not prohibit, in any way, the administration of recognized first aid to students by district employees in accordance with established state law, Board policy and procedures.

The superintendent shall develop administrative regulations as needed to meet the requirements of law, Oregon Administrative Rules and for the implementation of this policy.  

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