JHF - Student Safety

Code: JHF
Adopted: 8/13/97

The Board directs the development and approval of a Health, Safety and Emergency Plan.  The plan is designed to assure every student a safe, healthy environment in which to learn.  The plan will comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations and with Board policy.

The site safety committee will ensure that general safety regulations are reviewed with staff and students as appropriate to assure student safety.

Instruction in courses such as industrial arts, science, consumer homemaking, art, physical education, health and safety will include and emphasize accident prevention.

Safety instruction will assist students to:

  1. Learn how to work, play and exercise safely and to prevent accidents;
  2. Learn proper procedures to reduce the possibility of accidents;
  3. Develop habits of good housekeeping, proper storage and handling of materials;
  4. Become familiar with personal protective devices and the proper clothing to be worn for safety purposes;
  5. Develop skills in the safe use of tools and equipment;
  6. Learn how to cooperate with others in the promotion and operation of a safety program in the school;
  7. Respond to emergency situations in all settings.
Safety instruction will precede the use of materials and equipment by students in applicable units of work in the courses listed above.  Instructors will teach and enforce all safety rules set up for these particular courses.  Rules will include, but not be limited to, wearing protective eye devices in appropriate activities.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 329.095
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Cross Reference(s)

EB - Safety Program