JHFD - Student Motorized Vehicle Use

Code: JHFS
Adopted: 8/13/97

Certain school regulations are necessary because of insufficient parking and dangerous traffic patterns.  Also, it is the desire of many parents to have the school know the whereabouts of their students during the school day.

All students who drive vehicles to school are subject to parking and driving rules developed by the district.

The district may require all students parking vehicles on district property on a regular basis to show evidence:

  1. That the student driving the vehicle holds a valid driver’s license;
  1. That the vehicle is currently registered;
  1. That the student driving is insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy or other satisfactory proof of compliance with the financial responsibility requirements of the state;
  1. That the vehicle is in compliance with district rules by displaying the appropriate sticker.

Parking privileges will be subject to the specific requirements of this policy and any other applicable policy and/or rules of the district.

The district will post appropriate parking signs.

Legal Reference(s)

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Cross Reference(s)

ECD - Traffic and Parking Controls