JHFE/GBNAB-AR(2) - Abuse of Child Investigations Conducted on District Premises

Revised/Reviewed: 11/16/22

The Department of Human Services (DHS) or a law enforcement agency has the authority to conduct an investigation of a report of child abuse on school premises according to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 419B.045. The school administrator must be notified that the investigation is to take place, unless the administrator is a subject of the investigation. The investigator is not required to reveal information about the investigation to the school as a condition of conducting the investigation.

After the investigator provides adequate identification, school staff shall allow access to the child and provide a private space for conducting the interview. The investigator shall be advised by a school administrator or a school staff member of a child’s relevant disabling conditions, if any, prior to any interview with the child. The school administrator or designee may, at the investigator’s discretion, be present to facilitate the investigation.

School staff may only notify DHS, the law enforcement agency or school employees that are necessary to enable the investigation. School staff may not notify any other persons, including the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

_________________________________________                ___________________________________________

Investigator Name (Printed)                                         Name of Agency

___________________________________________            ___________________________________________

Name of Worker’s/Investigator’s Supervisor            Supervisor Contact Information

__________________________________________               ___________________________________________

Investigator Position and Badge or ID Number      Student Name



____________________________________________           ___________________________________________

Investigator Signature                                                     Date
 Investigator refused to sign. District staff should not deny entry based on refusal to sign.
□ Student not available for interview
□ Student refused to be interviewed
□ Administrator participated in interview


Name of Administrator Notified

Name of Office Staff Involved


Name of Participating Administrator

This form should be placed in a separate secure file and not in the student’s file.