JN - Student Fees, Fines and Charges**

Code: JN
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 2/8/12; 10/12/16; 11/16/22
Orig. Code: JN

The Board recognizes the need for student fees to fund certain school activities which are not funded by the district. It also recognizes that some students may not be able to pay these fees. No student will be denied an education because of their inability to pay supplementary charges. However, no student is exempt from charges for lost or damaged books, locks, materials, supplies and equipment.

No student fee for any purpose shall be imposed upon any student in the district until such fee has been approved by the Board at a regular meeting. All fees shall be reviewed annually at a Board meeting.

All student fees and charges, both optional and required, will be listed and described annually in the student handbook, or in some other written form, and distributed to each student. Students will be advised of the due dates for such fees and charges as well as of possible penalties for failure to pay them.

In accordance with the law and with district policy, restrictions and/or penalties may be imposed until such fees, fines, or charges are paid. Students or parents will receive written notice at least 10 days in advance of any restrictions and/or penalties to be imposed until the debt is paid. The notice will include the reason the student owes money to the district, an itemization of the fees, fines or damages owed. The district may pursue fees, fines or damages through a private collection agency or other method available to the district. The district may waive fees, fines and charges if the student or parents cannot pay, the payment of the debt could impact the health and safety of the student or if the cost of collection would be more than the total collected or there are mitigating circumstances, as determined by the superintendent.

The district may waive all or a portion of the debt if one of the following conditions are met:

1. The district determines that the student or the parent or guardian of the student is unable to pay the debt;
2. The payment of the debt could impact the health or safety of the student;
3. The cost to notify the student and his/her parents would cost more than the potential debt collected relating to the notice; or
4. There are mitigating circumstances as determined by the superintendent of the district that preclude the collection of the debt.

Education records shall not be withheld for student fees, fines, or charges if requested in circumstances described in ORS 326.575 and applicable rules of the State Board of Education or such records are requested for use in the appropriate placement of a student.

Prior to collection of debts, the superintendent will ensure that notice has been provided as required by ORS 339.270.


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