KBA-AR - Public Records

Code: KBA-AR
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 11/24/09

In compliance with ORS 192.318 the following guidelines apply to the dissemination, inspection and examination of the public records of the district:

  1. All requests for information must be channeled through the superintendent or superintendent’s designee;
  2. Requests for information concerning sensitive, technical or emotional issues may be required to be submitted in writing and the district will respond in writing within a time frame consistent with the request.  Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities upon request and with appropriate advance notice;
  3. A fee may be imposed for requested information at an established rate of $.15 per copy.  In addition, where the labor effort to collect and/or duplicate the required information exceeds 30 minutes, labor charges will be reimbursed to the district calculated at the hourly rate of the employee(s) affected.  Auxiliary aids and services for qualified persons with disabilities will be available at no additional charge;
  4. The district reserves the right to restrict the inspection of some public records to the district’s facilities;
  5. The district reserves the right to withhold, upon written request, an individual’s home address or personal telephone number;
  6. Information will be made available to individuals with disabilities in an appropriate format upon request and advance notice.  Auxiliary aids and services available to qualified persons with disabilities may include large print, Braille, audio recordings, readers, assistance in locating materials or other equally effective accommodations.

Employee Home Address or Personal Telephone Number

An employee may submit a written request to the district not to disclose a specified public record indicating the home address or personal telephone number of the employee.  An employee must provide evidence to the district to establish that disclosure of the home address or telephone number of the employee would constitute a danger to personal safety.  Such evidence may include, but is not limited to, evidence that the employee or a family member residing with the employee has:

  1. Been a victim of domestic violence;
  2. Obtained an order under ORS 133.055 (citation in lieu of custody);
  3. Contacted a law enforcement officer involving domestic violence or other physical abuse;
  4. Obtained a temporary restraining order or other no-contact order to protect the individual from future physical abuse;
  5. Filed other criminal or civil legal proceedings regarding physical protection.

Written requests honored by the district shall remain effective:

  1. Until the district receives a written request for termination;
  2. For up to five years after the district receives a request.

The district may, however, disclose a home address or personal telephone number exempt from disclosure upon court order, upon request from any law enforcement agency or with the consent of the employee.

Request for Public Information