KBCA - News Releases

Code: KBCA
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code(s): 9110, 9120, 9130 9150

Information about school activities and issues will be provided to the community in a way which will create and maintain a dignified and professionally responsible image for the district.

The procedures listed below will be followed in giving official information to the news media:

Regular Board Meetings

An agenda of each regular Board meeting will be sent to a representative of the various news media prior to the meeting.

Special Board Meetings

Representatives of the various news media will be notified of special Board meetings, and, when time permits, an agenda of such meeting will be forwarded to them in advance of the meeting.

Closed Sessions

News media representatives will be extended the courtesy of attending closed sessions of the Board except as otherwise specified by law, for the purpose of gathering background information, but will be requested not to release such information until the action of the Board has been made public.  Since closed sessions are held only when public knowledge may be detrimental to either individuals of the district itself or may jeopardize a business transaction, occasions may arise when a request will be made that information be withheld from the public.  In this event, the final authority must remain with the Board.

Special News Releases

The superintendent shall furnish representatives of news media with special reports on news releases when these items are of interest to the community or when such items may lead to a better understanding by the public of the operation of the district’s schools.

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