KG - Community Use of District Facilities

Code: KG
Adopted: 8/13/97 
Re-adopted: 6/14/06; 12/14/22
Orig. Code: KG

Eligible community groups may use district facilities provided such use does not conflict or interfere with the regular school program and school sponsored activities.  The District may charge a reasonable fee to eligible community groups wishing to use District facilities. Facility use is also subject to procedures set forth in KG-AR.

Eligible Community Groups

Members of the public wishing to provide a lawful activity of educational, charitable or general interest to the community may use district facilities provided the group complies with district policies rules and regulation. Any group promoting activities that would disrupt or interfere with the educational program or which promotes illegal activities is prohibited from using district facilities. An organization operating for financial gain may be permitted to use district facilities subject to district facility use policies and procedures.

Use of District Facilities for Financial Gain

The use of district buildings and other facilities by any organization operating for financial gain, or any purpose involving financial gain, will be permitted only when:

  1. A community-based educational, civic or charitable purpose will be served; and
  2. A school or non-profit group in the community will benefit from the activity.

Disclaimers and Waivers

If deemed necessary by the superintendent, an organization using district facilities may be required to disclose to the public that the activity is not sponsored by the district or related to the regular school program. The district may also require sponsors of activities to obtain insurance, liability waivers or other forms of indemnification as a condition of facility use.

Respect for Facilities

The district expects all facility users to treat the facilities with respect. Uses deemed to pose a threat to the aesthetic or physical condition of the facility may be denied by the building administrator. Groups using the facilities will be expected to leave them in the same condition in which they were found. Building administrators may ask for a security, cleaning and damage deposit from facility users and/or recover compensation for actual damage.


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